What are the Benefits of Online Immigration Consultant Program?

Paralegal Academies offers the Certified Immigration Specialist Certification Program, an Online Immigration Consultant Program that deals with the immigration of foreign nationals to the United States of America. This course revolves around immigration law, non-immigrant visas, and refugee immigration.

It has an advanced curriculum, just like all the other courses drafted by practicing attorneys to help learners grasp immigration laws.

What Does the Program Offers?
This program has a handful of modules covering all the areas that you should know regarding immigration laws. The beginning parts are light, offering students basic information in your place of work. Progressive modules cover heavy elements such as political asylum and refugee laws.

Cumulatively, the program has three modules. The first one covers a paralegal role in a law firm, which includes how to manage clients, initiate cases, the process of being a paralegal, and any other thing expected of you.

As you advance further, you will learn about ethical knowledge and concepts surrounding the immigration process, including the roles that government agencies play in the immigration procedures.

The program also teaches family-based petition and adjustment of status. One learns how to prepare and apply supportive documents of such petitions. Students also learn about the 1-212 waivers, processes involved in applying for it, reapplying, and other related information.

You also learn about-1 and B-2 non-immigrant visas and all the information related to the two. Lastly, this program provides detailed information on US asylum and refuge law and the procedures that one can exhaust to get asylum.

In conclusion, this Online Immigration consultant Program touches on immigration issues, such as family-based visas, asylum visas, immigration courts, and other aspects.

This course aims to define paralegals’ roles in immigration law firms, teach ethical knowledge of immigration practice, explore how to deal with clients, explain US asylum and refugee laws, teach on waiver applications, and teach the structure and role of the immigration courts in the US.

Career Opportunities

Once you graduate from this course, you will be knowledgeable in immigration law practices and ready to work in different spheres. You can work in law firms, non-profit organizations, government agencies, corporate legal departments, and immigration firms.

You can choose to work for the government in different capacities, either as an immigration field officer, adjudication officer, refugee settlement officer, or immigration courts. Immigration specialists are needed due to increased immigration into the United States by nationals from all walks of life. This is an area of law that is expected to keep on growing over time.

It is also worth noting that this course was developed by professional practicing lawyers and experienced certified immigration Support Specialist directors.

The online immigration consultant program runs for six-month duration. In the end, you will be equipped with all the necessary knowledge pertaining to the immigration processes and visas, not forgetting a deep understanding of your roles and duties.

The course covers three modules, and students should expect to be evaluated after every module. The questions cover what they are taught in the program.